C. C. Humphreys moves to Century for Restoration duo

August 8, 2012

Chris Humphreys is to leave Jon Wood’s stable at Orion to work with Century and Arrow supremo, Selina Walker. The two new books are to be set in the newly fashionable 17th Century.

Plague, and the second book, Fire, follow the adventures of four characters—a highwayman, a thief-taker, a murderer and an actress—as they struggle to survive the two years, 1665 and 1666, when the bubonic plague and then the Great Fire of London swept the city.

Walker said: “These are high-concept, epic thrillers set against a backdrop many of us will be familiar with. They will totally play to C C Humphreys’ strengths as a creator of dramatic stories and unforgettable characters.”

Humphreys’ last book for Orion, Shakespeare’s Rebel, is about the Bard’s fight choreographer at the time of Hamlet, and will be released in UK and Canada next year.

His most recent book, A Place Called Armageddon: Constantinople 1453, is already available in the UK and will be released by Sourcebooks in the USA on 1st September 2012.

Chis Humphreys has long been an HNS member, and has spoken to our conferences on both sides of the Atlantic about swordcraft and fight choreography. He also, somewhat infamously, took the role of Rochester beside Gillian Bagwell‘s Nell Gwynn for the late night sex reading at the 2011 San Diego conference. Diana Gabaldon was narrator, with text coming from Bagwell’s Darling Strumpet. The role of Rochester will be reprised by Bernard Cornwell after the London conference banquet in September (!)

Posted by Richard Lee