Wood burning hot tubs

To buy a wood-fired hot tubs for swimming means to become the owner of a unique font, which has no analogues in UK. When you buy a heated spa, you get:

  • A hot tub with a stove designed in such a way as not to interfere with the rest - the smoke is diverted to the side
  • An analogue of the Carpathian vat, performing the same functions
  • Product with a service life of up to 25 years

A wood-fired spa tub is a unique opportunity to equip a healthy relaxation area at home. Having a Balticspa” hot tub, you do not need to go to the Carpathians to steam with herbs, essential oils and medicinal broths.

Heated hot tubs are a great choice for every country house. You can not only enjoy water procedures, but also improve your health at the same time.
What is a wood-fired font
This is, first of all, the opportunity to acquire a place for wellness procedures directly in the courtyard of your own home. The barrel font is made in a round, octagonal or rectangular shape, made of composite material and decorated with thermal wood.

The whole system usually consists of a sealed bowl, external wooden sheathing (solid larch, pine, cedar wood, oak or spruce), insulation, thermal cover, water drain system, additional equipment for hydromassage and lighting, stainless steel or aluminum stove, stairs, handrails and coasters.

The design of the hot tub is quite simple, which guarantees durability and ease of use. You just need to place the structure on a flat surface or install it on a scaffold.

Plastic (composite) fonts are an ideal price-performance ratio, as they are cheaper than acrylic spa pools, but at the same time they are superior in durability and hygiene to cheap wooden fonts.
Among the advantages of a modern bathing barrel are:

absence of harmful microflora and bacteria;
taking care of the font takes a minimum of time and effort;
the pleasant and healing aroma of natural wood is preserved;
autonomy and independence from electricity.
Buy a hot tub from the Balticspa company
If you are interested in a wood-fired hot tubs, then you've come to the right place.

All our products are of high quality, which is confirmed by the corresponding certificates, which, if necessary, are ready to provide. Each hot tub that you see in the catalog can be improved according to your preferences - you assemble the necessary equipment yourself. You still have additional questions or want to order a hot tub, just call or leave a request on the website.

If you decide to buy a heated hot tub in UK, then you need to pay attention to the exclusive Balticspa hot tubs, which are in incredible demand in Europe, the countries of which are very similar to the climate of UK.

This will be the most rewarding and unforgettable wood-fired spa treatment for you and your friends!