How to write a resume of a hotel administrator

Personal information

This is where you need to fill in items such as:

Date of birth (day, month, year)
Address of residence (your actual place of residence)
telephone number
E-mail address (whichever is active)
photos of the candidate will be appreciated, because the administrator of the hotel directly comes into contact with guests, and preference will be given to applicants with a pleasant appearance


When compiling a hotel front desk resume, in this column we specify a specific purpose, the name of the desired position for which you are applying, the scope of activity, type of enterprise, for example: seeking a position as a hotel administrator (porter) in a business hotel. You can also specify your salary level.

Work experience

This field is something we should be particularly careful about, as the candidate for this position should have relevant and relevant experience in this field, or have similar work experience. We indicate the places of work in reverse chronological order, that is, from the last place of work, namely, such information as: the period of work (date of entry and exit), company name and line of business, position, functional duties and professional achievements.


Here you should indicate such information as: date of starting and ending education, name of educational institution, specialty and degree of accreditation. Additional education, e.g. courses, internships, etc. is also an advantage.

Professional skills

It is important to pay due attention to this point, because the hotel administrator is a manager, his duties include a whole mountain of work, to solve which must have certain skills and knowledge (on his shoulders is a big responsibility). For example, such skills include:

  • experienced PC user: MsWord, Excel, Internet, 1C;
  • conflict resolution skills;
  • skills in handling office equipment (printer, fax, scanner, photocopier);
  • the skill of telephone conversations;
  • confident knowledge of foreign languages;
  • organizational skills;
  • fluent speech;
  • work experience with travel agencies;
  • client-service skills, ability to be tactful and tolerant;
  • communication skills, ability to gain the trust of colleagues, management.

Personal qualities

Here you need to specify the qualities that must have a true leader, because the hotel administrator is a managerial position, on the work of which depends on 60% of the success of the enterprise. For example:

  • communicative;
  • punctual;
  • analytical mind;
  • attentive;
  • easy to learn;