Description of the interface of the game Strip Blackjack

In order to start fighting with the dealer for prizes, the client must take the first step - to determine what height of the chips will be involved in the drawing. As soon as the chips are on the game table, the guest clicks on Deal, and the system gives 2 open cards to the user and 2 cards to the dealer, with one of his cards down. Further, having examined the cards carefully, the player will have to decide what next step to take.

There are several options, one of which is to take another card (Hit). But before committing this act, the user should not forget that if he has cards with a value of more than 21 points in his hands, he will be defeated. If, nevertheless, the client decided that there are enough cards for him, he simply presses the Stand button.

Also, the client can use the Double key. It will double the guest's initial bid. But there is one "but": in the "strip black jack" you can make a Double only after splitting the cards or, as it is also called, Split. This kind of manipulation (the Split key) can be performed only if the player has 2 cards of the same value on his hand (10, queen, king, jack). You can split cards only three times, until all the boxes are full. It should be noted that even if the user managed to collect Blackjack on these boxes, it will be accepted by the system only as a combination of 21 points. Also, if necessary, the client can take advantage of the insurance.

After the user has thought of everything and made a certain move, the dealer opens his card. Based on the total number of points that the opponent and the client have, the winner is determined, that is, the one who managed to collect the most valuable cards.

Summary of the description of the card game

Gambling entertainment "Vegas Strip Blackjack", which emerged from under the wing of the Microgaming platform, quite reasonably fell into a number of generally accepted favorites of this manufacturer's games. "Vegas Strip Blackjack" does not skimp on payments and has a high percentage of return. Another positive quality of the fun is the convenient control menu. It has only the most necessary functions, thus not tormenting the user in search of the desired key. It is worth noting that customers are attracted to this gambling entertainment by the opportunity to show their knowledge, because to get a decent reward, luck alone is not enough. In short, this game will appeal to millions of players, for whom it will instantly become the best friend and ally.