Blackjack Perfect Pairs

Blackjack Perfect Pairs

A variation of Blackjack Perfect Pairs has become incredibly popular in casinos looking to introduce the concept of large jackpots. This type of game is mostly present in electronic games, such as blackjack and other table games gambling machines. Casinos are always looking for a way to entice slot machine fans to expand their gambling interests and experience blackjack. Blackjack Perfect Pairs is a new, simple game. Serious blackjack players should keep this in mind while playing. We recommend playing freeblackjack online

The Basics of Perfect Pairs Blackjack

Actually, Perfect Pairs Blackjack is not a separate blackjack game. By that we mean that the rules of Perfect Pairs Blackjack are basically the same as those of standard blackjack. Players strive to score 21 points or as close to this value as possible without exceeding it, and they must beat the croupier's value to win. The player in Blackjack Perfect Pairs has the same options as in standard Blackjack. Players can draw a card, stop (not draw a card), double up, or split pairs in an effort to improve their hand. In all Perfect Pairs games, players are offered insurance. Some even allow a later sarendo (no draw) according to casino rules.

A variation included in Perfect Pairs Blackjack is an additional bet. In other words, players are allowed to make separate bets from the original bet to claim bonus winnings for special combinations. This extra bet is set separately from the minimum table bet, although there is always a certain minimum amount of extra bet Perfect Pairs.

The extra bet winnings in Perfect Pairs are paid out when the player receives a pair of cards. Payouts are usually limited to pairs of shaped cards such as K-K, J-J or Q-Q.

The Negative Side of Blackjack Perfect Pairs

In short, Perfect Pairs Blackjack is a game for gullible simpletons. The casino's advantage in extra bets is a huge 6% at best, usually even higher, to get the highest payout of 30-1. Extra bets, like those presented in Blackjack Perfect Pairs, do not interest professional blackjack players and card counters, as they do not offer a significant advantage to players and the outcome does not depend on skill. It does not matter how well you know basic blackjack strategy and card counting. Winning Blackjack Perfect Pairs is just a matter of luck.

To more fully understand the low supremacy associated with extra bets, it's worth thinking about how often you realistically expect to win a bet while you're playing. Remember that the extra bet Perfect Pairs costs you another amount of money, usually equal to the table minimum for each combination. Let's imagine you're playing blackjack at a $5 table. That means that the extra Perfect Pairs bet will cost you $5 each time you make it.

There's about a 92% chance that your two cards at the blackjack table will NOT be a pair. In other words, you can expect to get a pair 8 times out of 100. Let's do the math:

  • 100 combinations x $5 = $500 bet
  • 8 pairs with a minimum payout of 5-1 = a $200 win
  • The total loss to the player is $300.

Of course, one of these 8 pairs could be a Perfect Pair and give you a big payout of 30-1. Suppose you had it once. How would that change everything?

  • 100 combinations x $5 = $500 bet
  • 7 pairs with a minimum payout of 5-1 = a $175 payout.
  • 1 pair with a maximum payout of 30-1 = a win of $150
  • Total loss for player = $175

This is a very superficial statistic. It is intended to show how bad the Perfect Pairs blackjack betting really is. Of all the variations of extra blackjack bets in the casino, Perfect Pairs is absolutely the worst option. It and blackjack variations like Royal Match are considered ATMs for casinos.

If you seriously want to play blackjack and systematically win, forget Perfect Pairs and instead do the following. Find a regular blackjack table, wait until the stakes are high, and spend your money on a bet in which you have a good chance of winning.