Automated Webinar Software - Tips for Picking the Best Software For Your Business

A webinar consists of a series of videos, images, and PowerPoint presentations hosted on the Internet. It is more than just a regular meeting, lecture, or live event that's held online and watched by an elite audience. People who are willing to host a webinar or frequently doing webinars should use webinar software.

automated webinar software tips

Webinar Software enables you to host your webinar from your website or a pre-built webinar platform. These softwares can be free or paid for and offer many different integrations with email marketing software and other business tools. These webinar software integrations allow you to host webinars, distribute surveys, polls, and content, and even track participant attendance and responses. 

Here are some of the most popular webinar software integrations

The best software is the one that can successfully integrate with the following

  • Microsoft Office Online: Microsoft Office Online is a free webinar platform offered by Microsoft for the Internet and Windows environment. Using this webinar software, marketers can display PowerPoint presentations, add files to an audio stream, record and play video, and share text with attendees using Microsoft Outlook. To integrate this platform with email marketing software, all you have to do is sign up for an account, complete any available sign-up forms, and then upload the Microsoft Office file that you want to use in the presentation. Once this is done, simply open up the Microsoft Office file in the Internet Explorer browser and begin sharing your webinar online. It is one of the easiest and fastest ways to promote your new products or services.
  • Online Trading Platforms: Automated webinar softwares that connect with online trading softwares like Trader's Edge and Plimus are also quite popular among marketers looking to improve their sales. These systems have been designed to automatically post and share information about the market's top trading times, current stock prices, and quotes from leading trading exchanges. With these highly efficient systems, you can easily create and maintain webinars that can be updated regularly to inform attendees of the most profitable times to invest in the stock market. Pricing starts at just $100 per month, which allows unlimited venues to broadcast these automated webinars.
  • Webinar Analytics: Utilizing webinar software analytics is another way to improve your webinar experience. This webinar software provide an in-depth look at who is viewing your webinars, how long they are watching, what they are watching, how often they watch, and how long they stay. This data is valuable because it helps you identify strengths and weaknesses as well as determine the number of people who can be turned into prospects. Best of all, you can use these analytics to personalise the experience for your attendees. For example, you can create email campaigns based on who has viewed a particular webinar software. Webinar schedule events based on how long someone views your webinar, send out promotional emails based on specific criteria to trigger a customer acquisition sequence or sale, and more.
  • Autopilot Polls: Using automated webinar software can also be beneficial in tracking the success of your webinars. These automatic poll panels allow you to receive feedback directly from your attendees. For example, you can create an interactive poll and ask questions about what they think about your webinar content, how helpful the product is, or whether there is anything else you need to learn. By collecting this data, you can fine-tune future products and services, release new products, and initiate product discounts or incentives.
  • On-Demand Webinar softwares: Finally, another great benefit of using webinar software such as WAHM is that they eliminate most manual entry and management of business webinars. Instead, these automated systems manage everything for you, providing the infrastructure, the software, and the programming necessary to create and distribute live webinars. It removes the need for staff members actually to schedule or participate in these events. Instead, all employees must be online at their computers to participate.

Final words

All these advantages are significant to any webinar attendees. However, you also need to be aware of common pitfalls that webinar attendees face. One of the biggest problems that I see is the lack of support from on-demand webinar software. Although some offer a lot of value, many offer little in the way of support or help once your presentation starts. If you're willing to spend the money to purchase good quality automated webinar software, you'll have absolutely no problem due to the hands-on support you get through each stage of your live event.