In 13th-century Eastern Europe, a place of dark forests and darker mysteries, a young man named Udolf finds a strange girl in the wilderness, naked and injured. He takes the unconscious young woman to his adopted family, where they nurse her back to health. She seems grateful, yet speaks little and appears constantly terrified of some unknown danger. The family, and Udolf in particular, feel affection for this seemingly innocent girl, but they are unaware of her secret: she is one of the wolfbreed, creatures kept hidden by the local German monks and used to terrorize and eliminate those who cling to the old religion. Now free from their brutal slavery, the young woman—Lilly—experiences kindness and joy for the first time in her life. But Lilly brings terrible dangers to her new family: danger from the outside, as those from whom she escaped stop at nothing to hunt her down; and danger from within, as she desperately tries to suppress the savage thing inside her. It is a creature trained from birth to kill without thought, and it could emerge at any moment to destroy those she loves and any chance for a human life.

A blend of romance, fantasy, and adventure, Wolfbreed is a dark, earthy tale tinged with the supernatural yet retaining a detailed sense of historical realism. The prose flows like a magic spell, drawing the reader into a well-researched medieval world of knights and monks, heroes and monsters, filled with sympathetic characters you will root for from the moment you meet them. Even if historical fantasy/romance isn’t your regular genre, don’t overlook this finely crafted story. Recommended.

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