Tuck: The Legend Triumphs


This is book three in the King Raven trilogy, the final chapter of Stephen Lawhead’s interpretation of the Robin Hood legend. During the rule of William Rufus in 12th-century England, the Norman conquerors wanted to control the rich farmland of Wales, along with the rest of the isle. Before the arrival of the Normans, the young Bran was to become king of a small realm within Wales. After his father was killed at the hands of the Norman invaders, his realm was seized and ruled by a cruel overlord. This novel begins as Rhi Bran and his band of outlaws, who lived secluded in the dense forests of the land known as The March, fight to regain control of his land. One of his men, a small squat Friar named Tuck, would become instrumental in trying to regain his throne in this final book of the trilogy.

Steeped in Celtic mythology and political intrigue, Tuck is also filled with suspense and action. The dialog is marvelous, the settings in Wales and England breathtaking, and the characters well drawn. I have read all three novels in the series, and really hated to finally end this reading experience, one that I will always remember; I will probably read these books again. I highly recommend this series and would strongly advise beginning with the first book, Hood. I anxiously await Mr. Lawhead’s next release.


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