Trouble Brewing

Written by Dolores Gordon-Smith
Review by Cindy Vallar

On a friend’s recommendation, Harold Rushton Hunt, owner of Hunt Coffee, asks Jack Haldean to find out what happened to his great-nephew. No one has seen Mark Helston since he left his home in January, and Scotland Yard hasn’t turned up any clues. Has he been kidnapped? Is he dead? Did he kill someone and run away? To complicate matters, Hunt believes something’s wrong within the company, but is Mark responsible?

With the help of friends, Jack investigates the suspects: Hunt’s son who runs the business, Mark’s sister who gains a bigger inheritance with Mark dead, her second husband who’s on the brink of bankruptcy, or might it be someone else entirely? Once Jack discovers the first body, others soon follow, and each new clue adds another wrinkle in a puzzling case.

Set in the Twenties, this is the sixth Jack Haldean mystery. Readers will have no trouble diving in without having read the previous titles in the series. Solving the mystery, however, may be more challenging. This fast-paced page-turner has more twists than a serpent, yet it’s easy to follow, and the ending may surprise even the most die-hard mystery fan. Great read!