Till Morning is Nigh

Written by Leisha Kelly
Review by Cindy Vallar

December 1932. Money is scarce, the children are sick, and memories are raw. Christmas approaches, but so does the anniversary of the death of Mrs. Hammond. Her children must cope with that, as well as their father’s drinking and inability to cope with her loss. The children often spend their time with the Worthams, who have also taken in a waif whose mother abandoned her for a singing career. When Mr. Hammond disappears, the Hammonds fear he’s dead, too, until a mysterious “angel” intervenes.

Kelly superbly recreates life during the Great Depression. This inspirational and compelling holiday story doesn’t tie everything up with a neat little bow, but it will warm your heart and bring to mind traditions of Christmases past. She includes several holiday recipes for readers to enjoy. What gave me pause was my uncertainty of the audience for this book, but the magic of Christmas makes this a tale to treasure.