The Wandering Ghost


Corporal Jill Matthewson, the first woman ever assigned to 2nd Division Military Police in the demilitarized zone of mid-1970s South Korea, has disappeared. George Sueno and Ernie Bascom, agents of the 8th United States Army Criminal Investigation Division, have arrived from Seoul to help investigate her unresolved status. In this fifth of a series of military crime novels featuring Sueno and Bascom, they encounter overt hostility by 2nd Division officers and apathetic resistance from every soldier they question. Initially they also discover something shady about the supposed suicide of a Private Druwood, an embarrassing occurrence in addition to the mystery about the Corporal. Verbally warned to stay away from the Druwood death, the investigators begin to prowl the back streets of bars, prostitutes, and Korean “hooches.”

Who is the wandering ghost whose violent death must be resolved for Mathewson’s spirit to rest in peace? The discoveries of oppression, rape, black marketeering, and murder fill these pages with a riveting, complex plot that should satisfy every mystery fan. But more than the unexpected investigative development, Korean daily life, superstitions, and pride so vividly portrayed, the reader can taste, touch and even feel the Korean spirit surviving, accepting and enduring every temporal and spiritual challenge by both friend and foe.

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