Violet’s Problem: Volume 1 (The Violet Strange Mysteries)

Written by Candida Martinelli Candida Martnelli

I am not generally a mystery fan, but the heroine of Martinelli’s slim volume won me over almost instantly, and the style had me snickering and sometimes laughing throughout.

Violet, a sweet little ‘bud’ getting ready to debut in society, learns that her older sister, believed dead since infancy, is actually alive, disowned by their father, and living in abject poverty. Violet sets out to find and rescue her, and refuses to give up, even when she finds that her sister most definitely does not want to be rescued. Ultimately, Violet’s perseverance — and her father’s inability to deny her anything — wins the day. In the meantime, Violet discovers her calling as a high society detective, ensuring that there will be many more adventures.

I adored this sweet little book and look forward to continuing my acquaintance with Violet in the future.