The Vigilante’s Bride

Written by Yvonne Harris
Review by Cindy Vallar

Emily McCarthy goes to Montana with great misgivings about marrying a wealthy stranger, who advertised for a wife. On Christmas Eve 1884, Luke Sullivan, a reluctant vigilante, hears about Bart Axel getting hitched. Luke’s intent is merely to rob the stage carrying Axel’s money, but his conscience prevents him from allowing feisty, but beautiful, Emily from wedding the nasty old man who swindled Luke’s father out of their ranch. After he kidnaps her, he seeks a safe haven – the orphanage where he grew up. Emily and Luke spar constantly, neither willing to admit what they feel toward one another. While out searching for missing cattle, Luke is ambushed and seriously injured. Later they discover Axel’s been lying about the acreage the orphanage owns, but proving it gets complicated when a hired gun shows up and the nearby Crow become involved.

Harris’ depictions of Montana, late 19th-century life, and the independent people who settled the West captivate the reader to such an extent that the outside world disappears. Humor and love are intertwined with regret and rugged determination. The reader will long remember and savor the experience of reading this inspirational western romance.