The Triumph of Caesar


The Roman Civil War has ended with Julius Caesar returning to Rome a hero, around 46 BC. Caesar’s wife, Calpurnia, asks Gordianus the Finder to protect her husband’s life by finding and uncovering a suspected plot to kill her husband before the Triumphs are staged to honor Caesar’s military victories in Asia, Egypt, Gaul and at home. Gordianus’ investigation will lead him to meet Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt; Cicero, a formidable Senate leader; Marc Antony; Marcus Brutus; and Vercingetorix, the captured leader of the Gauls, scheduled for execution during the celebration. Gordianus suspects no one and everyone.

This novel is 13th in the Roma Sub Rosa series of books featuring Gordianus the Finder, the noted Roman sleuth, famous in Rome for his ability to uncover crimes against famous members of society. Steven Saylor is also noted for his New York Times bestseller Roma, an epic novel of Rome. Even though I was able to determine the likely assassin in the story, the author spun a fine tale about the Roman world. Saylor knows Roman history, its class differences, and people’s way of life in this great ancient city. As a reader, I felt transported back in time. If you enjoy a good mystery or a tale of ancient Rome, I recommend this book for your reading pleasure.

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