The Time Team Guide to the History of Britain


Now this is a history book. Well written, without being too abstruse or talking down to the reader, it is an easy and entertaining book to read. Stretching from Palaeolithic to modern times with the aim to ‘see ourselves as part of a grand continuum of events.’ the book is illustrated lavishly with photographs and drawings. It is a visual feast of things historical which adds to the book’s charms.

Events from each era have been chosen as key events so that the book takes the reader steadily through the growth and development of the human race as well as a country. There’s a time line, photos and detailed explanations of the major technology of each period and why it was so important. Of course, as a Time Team book, much is made of archaeological evidence and the Team digs feature in each era.

It is a good general history book which fills in the gaps left by the school syllabus, and makes a solid and reliable starting point for further research. I would recommend it for the family reference library, and particularly for boys who need a resource for some basic historical facts, but can’t face the ordinary history text.

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