The Time Pirate


The Time Pirate is Bell’s sequel to Nick of Time, featuring a time traveling, 12- year-old bundle of action and energy, Nick McIer. Nick’s newest adventure takes place in 1940, just as the Nazis begin to invade the small islands off the English Channel where he lives.

Nick and a rousing cast of characters come together to defend his home and safeguard his country with fast-paced antics, exciting escapades and fun. He finds his father’s old Sopwith Camel plane and restores it with the help of this friend Gunner and is quickly on reconnaissance/bombing missions sending the information to Winston Churchill’s government. And when Nick’s sister Katie is kidnapped by his arch-enemy, the evil pirate Capt. Billy Blood, Nick and Gunner must go back in time (1781) using a time machine invented by Leonardo Da Vinci to rescue her. There he discovers Blood’s plot to interfere with key battles of the American Revolution, putting Nick in the awkward situation of betraying his country to George Washington so that America will be there to assist his England during their time of need.

The Time Pirate is an old-fashioned romp of an adventure that never gets too hung up in detail to slow the story’s pace, yet there is a huge emphasis on the history and the characters to keep it both real and genuinely fun.

A note also on the colorful, vintage inspired cover art. It was aces!

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