The Mountains Between


The Mountains Between spans the years between 1929 and 1946, and charts the story of two very different Welsh families who live either side of the Blorenge Mountain in South Wales. On the farming side, Jennie Davies has spent much of her life trying to please her abusive and resentful mother, Katherine. On the mining side of the Welsh mountain, Harry Jenkins, his life wrecked by family tragedy, is determined not to be defined by this misfortune.

What then follows is an interesting and well written family saga, which explores not just the meaning of love, life and family, but also of the constraints and prejudices which so often blight small town communities. Throughout the novel, both Jennie and Harry have much to endure, their individual lives are filled with drama and each have their own personal mountain to climb, but throughout the whole of the narrative there is an abounding tenacity and a richness of spirit which is engaging.

Taken as a whole, the professional quality of the novel is good. It is clear that the author has invested a great deal of her time and energy into recounting this story, she obviously knows the geographical area well, and writes with authority about Welsh customs and communities. Overall, the story flows nicely, and the use of alternate chapters which focus individually on Jennie, and then on Harry, help to develop a good sense of continuity.

I have no hesitation in recommending The Mountains Between as a good example of a well written and interesting family saga.

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