The Kydd Inheritance


Nell Kydd has problems.  The death of her beloved father has left her mother in a state of such shock that she has become vague and detached from the world.  With Nell’s brother Kit mysteriously missing on his way home from India, it has been left to her untrustworthy Uncle Jasper to take charge of the family estates and finances.  Hugh Derringer, an old school friend of Kit’s, seems sympathetic to Nell, but can she trust him when he appears to be hiding things from her, and dare she give in to the attraction that sparks between them?

This is a light, entertaining Regency romance, fast-paced with prose that flows easily.  It is very well researched but the detail never impinges on the page-turning quality.  There are secret revelations, subterfuge, desperate rides, and moments of even more desperate disguise.  One of the latter scenes in the novel caused me to laugh out loud.

As you would expect in this particular genre, the villain is thoroughly contemptible, and quite satisfyingly so.  I found myself rooting for the hero and heroine and becoming caught up in their dilemmas, especially Nell’s.  Her despair and frustration at what was happening to the family home right under her nose, was palpable.

All in all, this is an effervescent, enjoyable read, ideal I would say for when one is in need of a pick-me-up or a little romance that wears its colours lightly but with an underlying sparkle.

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