The Hidden Dance


Set mainly during the 1930s, this novel follows the escape to America of Lily Sutton. Most of the action takes place on board the luxury liner, the SS Etoile. The real story is told in flashback describing important incidents in Lily’s life; her mother, her violent husband, the life she led and why and how she decides to escape. The novel is quite a light read but still shows plainly the status of women at the time, particularly in regards to power over children; another thematic strand is that of class and its importance in society at that time. The sharply divided worlds of the different classes aboard the liner reflect the society of the day with touches of humour and astute observation of human foibles. The book also touches upon the damage left behind by the horrific events of the recent war.

Lily is an engaging character who, although damaged by her experiences, has found the strength to try to forge a new life for herself in a new land. The characters are well-drawn and the reader becomes quickly involved in the story. The villain is suitably villainous and the plot is entertaining and engrossing. Fans of Nora Roberts and Judith Lennox would certainly like it, and it makes for a perfect holiday read. An afternoon on the beach will fly by.

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