The Golden Thread


       Louis de Wohl produces another masterpiece by vividly bringing to life not only the life of Inigo de Loyola, a Spanish soldier injured during the siege of Pamplona in 1521, but also Ulic von der Flue, the Swiss mercenary that shot the cannon that mangled Inigo’s leg. Ulic’s life gets intricately tied up with his enemy’s when he is given the task of escorting the seriously wounded Loyola home. Ulic also gets deeply connected to Juanita Perez, a young woman he saved from being raped and who travels with him, disguised as a boy for her own safety, until Ulic can get her to her family in Barcelona.

      While Inigo is recuperating from his injuries, he asks for something to read. He is given the only two books in the family household – The Life of Christ and The Flower of the Saints. So begins the journey from soldier to the saint the world knows as Ignatius, the founder of the Society of Jesus and writer of the famous Spiritual Exercises. Ulic and Juanita are on a journey of their own and so must find their way amid upheaval in their world.

      I highly recommend this and all of de Wohl’s novels. They are eminently readable, completely engrossing and extremely well-written. Other stories of the saints include The Spear, Lay Siege to Heaven, Citadel of God, Set All Afire, The Restless Flame and The Quiet Light, all available at


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