The Game


Off Sherlock Holmes and his feisty wife, Mary Russell, go, this time to India in 1924. In this newest installment in King’s marvelous series, the couple is locked in a battle with powers of great evil which may well shape the course of future world events. And no one is who they appear to be.

Remember Kipling’s Kim? Well, he grew up, became a world-class spy, and has disappeared in the Indian wilderness. Where will Holmes and Russell find Kim? Has he turned tail and become a traitor, as many suspect?

This is the best to date in the Holmes/Russell series. Holmes, older, even wiser than before, remains superbly talented – as a magician, among other things – and can hide in plain sight as no one else can. Russell, his junior by many years, has matured into an equal partner to her famous husband and has developed great insight and perseverance. The “secondary” characters are fleshed out beautifully, and all play significant roles in the resolution of the plot. Even the Indian wilderness has a soul of its own in King’s novel – daunting, mysterious, warm, inviting and ferocious. Read it. I can’t imagine that it could be more fun.



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