The Fool’s Path


A fantasy story must have a king, queen, prince, and princess to enchant the reader with the magical belief that wrongs will be righted and fair maidens will rightfully be restored to their knighted lovers. The time and place of our present story is the 13th century in what today is Belgium. An adult audience knows that life does not always complete lovers’ dreams, but that doesn’t stop Nancy Attwell from crafting an intriguing tale in which loss makes the loving sweeter and more riveting.

Sebastian, heir to the duchy of Westfeld, and his best friend, Raynar, sacrifice much to maintain the integrity of Lohemia’s kingship. First, Raynar is imprisoned so that Sebastian may complete his father’s mission for malicious revenge. Sebastian then fathers a child with Katrina, the woman he loves. Due to numerous ill-fated circumstances, he believes she has died, and so he marries her sister, Eleanor. Haunted by his lost love, he ignores his wife, children, and even his duchy. It is Raynar, who also loves Eleanor, who fiercely confronts Sebastian with his immaturity and neglect. As Sebastian assumes his rightful responsibility, a young girl appears; she carries a bejeweled slipper and key that will unlock her mystery and bring her to her rightful regal state. The kingdom is threatened as well by a traitor, and Sebastian must decide whom he will serve and defend. Nancy Attwell is a highly talented, creative, and pleasing writer whose book is soon to be relished by many readers. Delightful!



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