The Double Cross (Spanish Brand)

Written by Carla Kelly
Review by Marie Burton

In her new novel set in 1780, Carla Kelly presents a very simple plotline of brand inspector Marco Mondragon opening his heart again despite his big fear of the consequences. With eloquent prose, the story slowly plays out as we fall in love with the New Mexican setting and the characters that we meet along the way as Marco, a widower, tends to his business. Afraid to love again, Marco finally takes the big step of buying a dog to keep his feet warm at night. When Marco meets a young woman caring for a dog, it seems he has lost all his wits, as he pays a full peso for this overpriced runt. He can’t get the woman, Paloma, out of his mind (and vice versa) while their lives are turned upside down while tending to a wounded Comanche Indian. Each of these characters’ personalities are portrayed so endearingly that at the end of this unforgettable story of honor, love and redemption, we are sad to let them go, making us eager to see what is in store for the next installment of the series.