The Darcy Cousins


Clarissa Darcy, cousin of the famous Mr. Darcy from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, has whirled into England from America and is about to upturn everyone’s life! It appears that although she’s been educated and claims to possess social graces, she loves being rash, unique and startling.

Lady Catherine de Bourgh, Anne de Bourgh and Georgiana Darcy are considered models of social propriety and graces, whether expressed stridently, feebly or shyly. The latter two ladies are so impressed by Clarissa that they decide to try out a few of her tendencies, to the delight of the reader and the consternation of Lady Catherine and even the surrounding gentlemen. One will upset everyone in Rosings Park and the surrounding area by her abrupt disappearance, and the other will experiment with some bolder methods of enticing the man she desires. But unknown to all, two of these ladies are vying for the same gentleman. Mr. Channing and Mr. Gatley are fascinated by this formidable American woman who has managed to transform the sedate young women they formerly almost ignored. When the truth is exposed about the real Clarissa, it will be a stunning revelation, humbling and infuriating her many shocked admirers and critics.

The Darcy Cousins is a humorous, stately romp through 19th-century England, celebrating and satirizing proper behavior of the aristocracy, proper etiquette for those coming out into society and their potential suitors, and the scorn of those who pride themselves on independence and work. An apt sequel to make Ms. Austen proud!


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