The Black Banner


The Black Banner is the tale of 13-year-old Billy Baxter, but Billy has a secret; Billy isn’t a Billy. He’s a Becky.

Running away from her alcoholic mother, who has the intent to sell her only daughter on her 14th birthday, seems like the logical choice for Becky, but she’ll find she’ll face more enemies than she could ever imagine.

Leaving Bristol behind for a life on the seas, Becky finds herself part of the crew of the Masquerade, captained by the very handsome Logan Corder. While in his crew she finds herself socialising with characters such as Calico Jack and also discovers that she’s not the only female pirate. The legendary Mary Read and Anne Bonny appear in The Black Banner, pirates who are often forgotten about in favour of their more famous male counterparts.

Finally, the 13-year-old girl hidden in my 37-year-old woman’s body was able to resurface. There isn’t a tomboy out there that didn’t dream of the adventures to be had on board a pirate ship and, be honest—your inner child is still running up the rigging, keeping an eye out for the next ship to plunder. As the protagonist is a girl, The Black Banner isn’t perhaps the best choice for the average 13-year-old boy, but if you have a tomboy in the family, consider this book the perfect present for them. Or treat yourself and your inner tomboy.

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