The Anatomy of Deception


Ephraim Carroll is a young physician in late 19th-century Philadelphia who counts himself lucky to be in the orbit of one of the greatest teachers of the time. But in the theater where they perform autopsies to learn anatomy, a mystery begins to unfold. The mystery involves a labyrinthine network of people, from the most privileged to the basest denizens of the Philadelphia underworld.

Faced with the opportunity of a lifetime—to become one of the founding physicians of the new Johns Hopkins hospital and medical school in Baltimore—Ephraim discovers the evil and deceit that can lurk beneath the surface of ambitious men.

This smart, evocative thriller truly draws the reader into the psyche of a world where modern medicine was at a turning point. Goldstone has done his research, not only into the details of medical study and knowledge and the physiognomy of a 19th-century American city, but on the moral compass of a right-thinking young man, earnestly trying to do his best and coming into contact with forces and influences that take him far from his center. Most courageous and telling of all is Goldstone’s ability to resist giving his hero modern sensibilities in the face of dilemmas that truly would have been thought of very differently at that time.

The Anatomy of Deception is a marvelous, fast-paced, historically true mystery. Highly recommended.


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