Tamed by a Laird

Written by Amanda Scott
Review by Cindy Vallar

Jenny Easdale awaits her fate—marriage to a man who wishes to possess her lands and title. Not the future she desired, but her guardian insists this is best for her. She craves a last adventure and escapes her betrothal feast to join a band of traveling musicians. Never has she felt such freedom, but unease filters through her as she overhears whispered tidbits and is mistaken for someone else in the company.

Sir Hugh Douglas wants no part in hunting down his brother’s wayward heiress, but agrees to prevent a scandal. A warrior adept at mimicking others, he assumes the identity of a troubadour to travel with the musicians. Accomplishing his task proves challenging, for Jenny has stumbled on a plot that might endanger the peace between Scotland and England, and she’s determined to warn his liege lord herself.

Slow to start, this story, set in the Border region of Scotland in 1374, captivates and charms once Jenny and Hugh join the musicians. Humor, love, and tension build to the climax, where secrets and truths are revealed. This is the first in a trilogy and more of a back story to the next title, which may explain why the ending leaves the reader feeling a bit disappointed.