Stones of My Accusers


Biblical Judea forms the backdrop of this slow-to-start but ultimately riveting inspirational novel of mercy and forgiveness.
Rivkah is a prostitute in the port town of Caesarea. When her son Nathaniel is born, she plants a cedar tree, as per her family’s tradition. Years later, Pontius Pilate orders the tree cut down to make room for a granary. Hoping to save the cedar, Rivkah pleads with Pilate’s second-in-command, Orion, whose many acts of mercy have endeared him to the local population. Orion grows fond of the lovely Jewess, but to defy a direct order from Pilate would be an act of public treason.
Meanwhile, two young people have just arrived in Caesarea: Jesus’s sister, Jorah, who is running from the rumors of her brother’s resurrection; and Joab, a former Zealot charged with delivering Nathaniel’s last words to his mother – ‘no stones.’ In the face of Rivkah’s many sins, both young people balk at giving her the news of her son’s death. As Jorah and Joab struggle with Jesus’ teachings, the pagan Orion puts them into action. The Roman risks exile, scourging and even death, yet he discovers that his years of mercy have earned him loyal friends, deep love, and great admiration.
The last fifty pages of this novel are moving, heartfelt, and impossible to put down. Stones of My Accusers is a truly uplifting novel, worthy of the genre.

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