Skip Rock Shallows


Dr. Lilly Corbett is sent to a coal mining town in Kentucky where folks have an issue with women being anything more than hard-working wives. Lilly struggles to get the residents to accept her, and only illness can force the issue. As successive tragedies strike the town, both Lilly’s medical abilities and tender nature endear her to the residents of Skip Rock. In turn, Lilly finds herself becoming attached to the people of Skip Rock, which disrupts her plans to marry the worthy Dr. Paul back in Boston. Meanwhile, a drifter at the mine turns out to have more in common with Lilly than she expected, and a relationship blossoms despite undercurrents of treachery and foul play.

The plot is fairly simple, yet this is a well-written character driven novel. A young lady named Armina doesn’t hesitate to tell you what’s what, and Cousin Ned works so hard you would never knew he had a peg leg; these are characters who will stay with you after the end of the book. As the plot drifts towards the mine’s endeavors and shady dealings, each of the romantic and inspirational themes provide a subtle touch to complement Lilly’s own relationships and character development. Readers will get a dose of medical procedures with this telling, as well as welcome details on the way of life for mining families in the early 1900s. Although part of a series, the novel stands alone, as only a small thread ties it to Jan Watson’s previous works.

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