Ship’s Angel


Bridget Crowley has yet again dazzled us with another brilliant story – the sequel of the critically acclaimed Feast of Fools. We still remain with the same character, John, who is crippled because the statue of an angel fell on his leg when he was a child. However, in this sequel John is different: more grown-up and not at all childlike. During the story he meets a girl named Christina and he develops a close relationship with her. Unlike the previous book, Ship’s Angel is set upon a ship and in distant lands and seas. John is onboard the Esperance. However when the ship gets chased and boarded by pirates John and all the crew are forced onto the nearest land. Here, he discovers that life is a bit more menacing than he is used to. He becomes separated from most of his friends, including Christina. Then, a murder happens. John takes on the role of investigating who the murderer is. He is caught up in an intrigue that could see him sent to the gallows. But does he end up going there? Let yourself be captured by this villainous tale and imagine what life would be like in the medieval times, during a murder hunt!

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