Shield Maiden


Shield Maiden is not just another normal Children’s Historical Fantasy book, if you love all things magical and one that is full of a world gone by created from Dweorgs, Valkyries and Svartalfars set in the Anglo-Saxon times, then this is a must read, not just for children but one adults can enjoy too.

Shield Maiden is book one of the Nine Worlds series and a gripping one at that, centering on Anna a feisty 12 year old girl who desperately wishes to train as a warrior maiden. Lar, Anna’s brother is guaranteed his path to attempt to become a warrior king but girls and women are destined for a more sedate life in the world of Midgard, unless you are found to be the ‘Chosen One’. In the Roman Villa ruins, haunted by spirits of the restless Roman slaves, Anna finds a solid gold horn which helps her to achieve her one and only desire.

The paths ventured in this tale are laden with troubles, spells, battles and portals and all are believable due to the great story telling ability of Richard Denning.

There is excellent historical knowledge and information contained in this book; one can even visit the village of Scenestone, Anna’s village, now know to us as Shenstone and which is owned by the National Trust.

This book has a great jacket design and layout and also contains amazing pen and ink drawings nestling between its pages.


A fantasy world well worth getting lost in.

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Book One of The Nine Worlds Series

(UK) £6.99

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