Sherlock Holmes and the Queen of Diamonds

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This latest instalment of the adventures of Sherlock Holmes contains the usual ingredients: the correct address (221B Baker Street), Mrs Hudson showing the visitor up, and Dr Watson on hand to lend muscle and to marvel at the abilities of his detective friend.

The Countess Elaina is rescued from thugs by a tall, mysterious American, but is he who he pretends to be? Elaina takes him to Holmes in order to repay her debt of gratitude and get the American some expert help in finding his younger brother whom he claims has disappeared. Holmes is currently involved in solving the mystery of recent jewellery thefts and of course making his usual logical yet impressive deductions. There are knife fights and a dramatic escape, all set in a Victorian London with trotters on the menu and a pea-souper fog. The characters are clearly delineated, and the story moves along at a good pace. It is well-plotted with a not too obvious twist in the tale. Overall, reasonably satisfying, but a quite a light read. It is one to be dispatched over the course of a winter’s eve with some pleasure, but it won’t resonate in the heart and mind. Particularly enjoyable for those fans of Holmes who can never have enough of their hero.

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