Shadows in the Smoke


It is 1949, and London is still recovering from World War II. Jethro, a Cockney cat burglar, has just scored a heist of magnificent diamond jewelry and is making his escape when he sees the shadow of another cat burglar climbing up the side of the same building, undoubtedly after the same diamonds. Later that same night the man Jethro robbed, a member of Parliament, jumps to his death. It is reported later that it is not a suicide because the MP was already dead hours before his body hit the ground.

Suddenly, Jethro is the chief suspect and is being hunted not by the police but by London’s biggest crime lord. Since he doesn’t want his corpse served up to the police as the murderer, Jethro has to solve the crime himself. He enlists help from his underworld, outlaw connections, several of whom die or disappear under mysterious circumstances immediately after speaking with him. Now more than ever it is a matter of life and death for Jethro.

Tony Broadbent has written a stirring, suspense-filled thriller that will keep readers riveted. The plot twists and turns, tangles and untangles with the hero on the run. Readers will be on tenterhooks throughout while following the hero through a nostalgic tour of postwar London. Shadows in the Smoke is truly a cannot-put-down book.

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Available from June 10th

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