Secrets on the Wind


Secrets on the Wind is an apt title for Stephanie Grace Whitson’s latest novel of inspiration and the healing power of God. The story opens in 1879 Nebraska. Laina Gray, formerly known as Riverboat Annie, has survived an Indian raid on her captor’s cabin, but is nearly dead from months of abuse and neglect. She is found and taken back to Camp Robinson by two U.S. Army officers, one of whom is a handsome, young widower named Captain Nathan Boone. Unable to find the answers he seeks, he has turned his back on God. With the love and guidance of Granny Max, a former slave, Laina makes the long journey back to health and mental stability only to realize she is pregnant.
Meanwhile, Caleb Jackson arrives in camp with new cavalry recruits. Though he is determined to start over, Laina remembers him as gambler Beauregard Preston, one of Riverboat Annie’s best customers. Will Laina’s newfound trust in God be enough to sustain her through an Indian uprising, the birth of her child, and an offer of marriage from a man she knows could never love her? Will Caleb keep her secret or force her to leave a place and people she has grown to love?
Whitson, described as an author of books with heart, will not disappoint her legion of fans with Secrets on the Wind, the first book of her Pine Ridge Portrait Series.

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