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Journeys: The Archers of Saint Sebastian

By Jeanne Roland - Published 2021



It’s 1347 in Ardennes, a Belgian principality, where archery is a military skill and a popular all-male sport. Every other year, the prestigious ...Read Review

The Sky Club

By Terry Roberts - Published 2022


A love story wrapped in a Depression-era moonshine-rich and jazz-bright adventure, The Sky Club is the fifth published novel from this native of ...Read Review

The Dressmaker’s Daughter

By Linda Boroff - Published 2022


Children/Young Adult

Daniela is the daughter of a scholar and a seamstress in Yedinitz, Romania. In 1940, she is a young teen just on the cusp ...Read Review

Small Eden

By Jane Davis - Published 2022


1884. When the two young sons of Robert and Freya Cook die of scarlet fever, Robert is guilt-ridden for denying the seriousness of the ...Read Review

Bonny & Read

By Julie Walker - Published 2022


Biographical FictionNautical

Julie Walker’s debut novel centres on her long-time fascination with two of history’s most notorious pirates, Anne Bonny and Mary Read. ...Read Review

The Last Confessions of Sylvia P.

By Lee Kravetz - Published 2022


In present-day Boston, a curator for the St. Ambrose Auction House receives three spiral notebooks that appear to contain the first iterations of ...Read Review

The Doctor’s Daughter

By Shari J. Ryan - Published 2022



In 1941, 16-year-old Sofia Amsler is quietly preparing for Shabbat in her family’s house near the Auschwitz concentration camp when she overhears Nazi ...Read Review

Wartime Friends

By Margaret Dickinson - Published 2022



1938. Fears of war are prevalent. Eighteen-year-old Carolyn lives on a farm on the Lincolnshire coast with her parents and fifteen-year-old brother, Tom. Carolyn’...Read Review

Nobody’s Princess

By Erica Ridley - Published 2022



The London-based Wynchesters, a blended family of varied talents and diverse abilities, are the self-appointed guardians of the downtrodden. But when circus-trained Graham ...Read Review

Murder at Old St. Thomas’s

By Lisa M. Lane - Published 2022



London, 1862. The body of Thaddeus Morton, famous surgeon, sits upright and nailed to one of the seats in the operating theater of Old ...Read Review