Never Say Goodbye


Diana Escott-Stevens, known as Steve, has worked for twelve months preparing agents for missions in France. Then Steve herself applies to join the Special Operations Executive, SOE, and is accepted. After rigorous training she is flown to France to act as a courier. Here the slightest lapse of concentration could lead to her capture, and mean torture and death for herself and others. When circumstances change, Steve finds herself running the resistance operation. Her bravery and intelligence make her an excellent leader.

This is a fascinating glimpse into the world of espionage and resistance. The author’s detailed knowledge of her period is apparent but has been well integrated into the narrative. The details of Steve’s training, her meeting with members of the resistance and the Maquis, her gradual change from a nervous young woman slightly out of her depth to a confident manager of her cell, are handled with expertise. The book starts slowly then builds into an action-packed last few chapters.

Although this book has not been promoted as a sequel, it might have been better if it had been. The introduction of several of the characters from the first book would be extremely confusing to someone who has not already read We’ll Meet Again. If you had read the first novel, the appearance of these ‘old friends’ would be welcome and Never Say Goodbye considered an excellent and exciting read. However for anyone who had not, the book is somewhat flawed and would fail to have the same impact.

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