Never Call Retreat

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This third and final book of the series picks up in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, on August 22, 1863. Grant is slowly moving his forces into position to take on Lee, and Lee is doing his best to ensure the battle will be at a time and place of his choosing. Grant has lost a major portion of his army due to an overzealous general, while Lee’s command has been garrisoned in Baltimore, resting and refitting, preparing for the coming battle. In a little more than a week, it’ll all be over. And none too soon, as both armies have been bled nearly dry. Both leaders pray for just one more battle to end the carnage once and for all.

Every now and then you get to a part of a story that is so enthralling that you put off important duties like sleeping and eating just so you can keep reading. This entire book is like that. It’s a bobsled run of Olympic caliber: twisting, turning, but always screaming forward at a breakneck pace, with only a few opportunities with which to catch your breath. It’s sad to think this is the end of this series. I eagerly look forward to the next offering from this talented team of authors.

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