Moment in Silence


Set in 1805, this delightful crime novel features Miss Dido Kent, spinster and trusted aunt of Catherine, who is summoned to the side of her distraught niece. Dido dutifully travels to comfort Catherine, at a time when the girl should be naturally happy and excited at her recent engagement to Mr Richard Montague. Unbeknown to the world, Richard has suddenly disappeared after begging Catherine to dissolve the engagement.

With Dido there as her confidante, Catherine explains to her aunt the details of events that transpired at her engagement party, away from her guest’s eyes and ears. Miss Kent realises the implications if the mystery is left unresolved, which will affect not only her niece’s happiness, but result in the public termination of her engagement, unless answers are found quickly. Miss Kent is understandably concerned not only for Catherine’s future, but her reputation, which would suffer scandal if the truth is not discovered. It is through searching for this truth that Dido’s gift for discerning the facts takes her on a journey of discovery to unearth the murderer of a woman, the whereabouts of a missing fiancé and a family’s secret.

Miss Dido Kent discovers a greater truth about herself, realising she revels in the challenge of solving mysteries. She uses her intelligence and reasoning in a worthwhile and fascinating pursuit, by using her logical reasoning.

This is a beautifully written, skilfully crafted novel and a very enjoyable read. I shall look forward to reading Miss Kent’s next adventure.



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