Lark and Termite


Set in 1950s Virginia, Lark and Termite is a suspenseful novel focusing on a cast of characters affected by love, loss, dreams of the future and ghosts of the past. Concentrating on Lark and Termite – two children – the result of passionate love for a lost soldier and strong sister, the reader explores the relationships that bring the characters together and events that will change all their lives.

The book opens with Sergeant Leavitt, Termite’s father, caught in friendly fire in Korea and his thoughts of his unborn child. As the attack continues, we learn of his love for Lola, a beautiful and seemingly confused young woman, who is a singer in a club where she helps look after the ‘girls’. Ten years on we meet Nonie, Lola’s sister, who raises the children and is a waitress in love with Charlie, the diner owner. We learn of the mysteries and social circumstances surrounding all their relationships until a terrible flood forces them to finally face the past and look to the future for the sake of Lark and Termite.

Lark and Termite is captivating, beautifully and gently told by each character. We are introduced to each character’s world and are provided glimpses of an era where appearances are important to the detriment of change. With hints of the supernatural, passionate love and forgiveness, I found this novel gripping from the start.

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