It Had To Be You


June Francis writes a good saga, and she’s written a good many. Popular with readers, her sagas are easy, comfy books to read at bedtime, telling an engrossing story about ordinary people. It Had to Be You takes place in post-World War II Liverpool and in rural Lancashire in 1952. Emma Booth, brought up by her grandparents and orphaned before she is twenty-one, finds a letter when clearing up after her grandfather’s death. It is from Lizzie Booth in Liverpool telling her grandparents that Emma’s father had married again before his death at Dunkirk and left Emma a half-sister, Betty. Emma is delighted; she has family, and wonders why her grandparents refused any contact with Lizzie Booth. She determines to find her half-sister and sort out the mystery. As Emma’s search grows, the story expands to include the whole Booth clan in Liverpool, where Emma finds Betty, and Emma’s up-and-down relationships with them all. There’s a villain and some interesting twists and turns to the plot before we end up happily ever after with weddings.

For those who like cosy family sagas this is a must read, and the historical details are neatly slipped in to give colour and a taste of the time.


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