In The Dark Streets Shining


This is a warm, enjoyable story of life in war-torn England. Rose has lost her beloved husband to the war, but she is determined to carry on as best she can, delivering the post to the dark streets of London even though her heart feels dead inside. Then, after a raid one morning she discovers a small boy crying in the ruins of his home. His mother is dead and as far as he is concerned he has no other family. Rose takes him home and her own family takes him to their hearts. Although it is difficult for him to settle at first, Rose has begun to love him when the father he never knew turns up to claim him.

She is very upset when Joe takes his son off to the pub that his father runs with the help of his fiancée Hazel. However, Joe is pleased when Rosie decides to visit the lad and makes her welcome, but Hazel immediately hates her. All she wants is to be rid of the child she immediately dislikes. Amongst the hardships of life in wartime England, the personal tragedies and all the trials of family life, Joe and Rose learn to like each other very well – but Joe is promised to another woman. Is there any way that they can find happiness together?

The characters themselves are what this book is all about, natural, human and sometimes selfish or brutal, they give you an insight into the times. Well worth reading.

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