In Revere, In Those Days


In Revere, in Those Days is the coming-of-age tale of Anthony Benedetto and his extended Italian-American family, yet it is also the account of the city of Revere, Massachusetts, some forty-odd years ago. Merullo intertwines the two into one entity. Anthony, orphaned at a young age, becomes enmeshed with not only his sizeable family of uncles, aunts and cousins but also with the atmosphere that defines Revere. In doing so, he creates a conflict he must solve before he’s able to sort out the person he genuinely is.

The troupe of characters Merullo has tenderly created is difficult to abandon. Anthony’s uncle with the oversize personality speaks with the grace of a bull and not a final “r” in sight! The Italian grandparents are drawn with out-and-out perfection, gracefully quiet yet with unspoken wisdom that Merullo conveys to the reader with charm.

Revere itself will be a place difficult for the reader to leave behind, from the main street called Broadway, to the richly ornate church of St. Anthony’s, to the fine grains of sand of Revere Beach; all of these are calling cards to the young Anthony’s experiences. In Revere is a slice of modern history. A well crafted, impeccably researched, most enjoyable and humorous story make this novel a must read.



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