Her Every Pleasure


Princess Sophia and Major Gabriel Knight are the main characters in the third part of Gaelen Foley’s Spice trilogy. Sophia has been brought up in England since Napoleon conquered Karvos. She is the only remaining member of her family, and on reaching twenty-one in 1818, is determined to reclaim Karvos, despite the threat posed to life by Sheik Suleiman and his Janissary warriors. She is protected by Leon and her Greek guards and accompanied by her gullible companion Alexa until she is ambushed. Fleeing from the attack she finds protection in the arms of Gabriel, but love and diplomacy are highly volatile bedfellows. Gabriel’s experience as a soldier in India has taught him all about guerrilla warfare, but not the kind that involves the young women he has sworn to protect.

Written in an easy to read style, this novel moves along at a fast pace. The character of Gabriel, despite his murderous past, is likeable. Although part of a trilogy, the story can be read without prior knowledge of the characters’ backgrounds. This is a ‘theme park’ historical novel, with a roller coaster of events from ambushes to ‘fund-raising’ balls. The historical facts have been sprinkled like a relish to add colour and taste to the story. For those readers who like factual historical detail, this novel might give you nightmares, but for those who love light romantic novels this one is definitely for you.

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