Haunting Warrior

Written by Erin Quinn
Review by Cindy Vallar

Bouncer Rory MacGrath rebels against his dead grandmother’s summons to come home – a place he’s not visited since his banishment to America after his father’s disappearance. Rory returns to Ireland and his family, where he follows the mysterious woman who haunts his dreams and bids him to hurry before it’s too late.

Able to see the dead, Saraid of the Favored Lands listens as the ghost of an old woman reveals that “A man will come to you in the guise of another. ’Tis the Book he wants….” The latter is an evil thing that Cathán, her people’s sworn enemy, believes Saraid possesses, and he has hunted them until only a few survive. Now he offers peace, a ruse Saraid doesn’t trust, but her eldest brother must put their people’s welfare before hers and she weds Cathán’s brutal son, Rory the Bloodletter. Unexpected betrayal and trusting an enemy lead Saraid to the Book and her true fate.

With the skill of the Irish seanchai, Quinn spins a tale of time travel woven into the mystical threads of ancient Ireland. Haunting Warrior is not only a love story, but also a search to conquer inner fears and combat evil and greed.