Frontier Hearts: The Story of Captain John Mathias


From the early American frontier to the high seas, Frontier Hearts takes the reader on an action-packed journey filled with tales of friendship, love, and endurance. Setting out on the adventure of their lives, Captain John Mathias, Nattily, and their friends, Jack and Pete, leave the familiar comforts of town for a chance at a new and exciting life among the unclaimed lands of the frontier. Throwing in their lot with a group of fellow travelers, they discover what it means to rely on each other for survival. Facing unforeseen dangers—from brawls with strangers to Indian attacks—the captain and his companions find themselves becoming a family and striving to make a success of their new lives. When war breaks out, inciting the native population and challenging the safety of the community, the captain and those dear to him must face an entirely new adventure, one that threatens to tear them apart.

Frontier Hearts is a page-turner from beginning to end. Like a good, old-fashioned yarn, Hall’s rich characterization and fast-paced narrative pull the reader into the tale. Highly detailed battle scenes, humorous and often touching dialog, and well-drawn historical elements make this a must read for readers interested in a good adventure set against the backdrop of the early American frontier. However, even more than his descriptions of frontier life, it is Hall’s characters that make this novel stand out.

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Available from June 10th

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(US) $20.00
(UK) £29.95

(US) 9781448973491