Escape by Moonlight


Summer 1939, and England is bracing itself for war. In the quiet country village of Nayton, Lucy Storey helps her boorish father to keep the local railway station running. She finds some escape from the drudgery of her life in her brief encounters with dashing Jack de Lacey from nearby Nayton Manor. Meanwhile Jack’s mother and stepfather want to do their bit for the war effort and take in evacuees, including an engaging scamp called Bernard. Far away in France, Jack’s half-sister Elizabeth chooses to remain and help her grandparents on their farm in the Haute Savoie rather than return to the relative safety of Nayton. She had been expected to marry the gallant Captain Max Coburn, but instead she finds herself involved in smuggling British airmen across the border into Switzerland.

Nichols weaves an engaging tale of romance, adventure and mystery. There is a host of colourful characters, not just in Nayton and its “big house” but also in war-torn France. Her sure touch brings the past to life, creating a wonderful picture of wartime England and while not shying away from the horrors of war, her narrative is never grim. She provides enough information to keep the reader informed of the bigger picture of the war but never swamps the story with too much detail.

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