Deuces Wild


This first novel in a new western action series suffers from too many unrelated plot lines and a surprisingly passive hero. In the late 19th century American Southwest, U.S. Marshall Burt Green is ordered to Texas to track down the fugitive Indian scout known as Deuces. Green quickly hires One-Eye, an Apache tracker to assist him in the hunt. Green spends most of his time following One-Eye around, remarking about how much better the tracker is at doing the Marshall’s job because of his Apache heritage.

In the meantime, the fugitive Deuces is running from a ten year sentence for the murder of a fellow Apache scout. While outwitting U.S. Marshall Burt Green, he manages to find time to fall in love, only to descend into madness when his beloved is murdered. Back home on the range, Green’s good friend Pedro tries to protect Green’s wife and ranch from raiders who have been rustling horses. Somewhere in middle of all this Green also tries to find the man who murdered his wife’s first husband.

While the author provides enough dialogue to move the story along, his writing style sums up the action instead of showing it, leaving this particular reader unsatisfied. Unless you are a die hard fan of westerns and you have nothing else to read on a lazy Sunday afternoon, I cannot recommend this novel.



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