Death Was In The Picture


Times are tough for Depression-era girl Friday Kitty Pangborn and her PI boss Dexter Theroux in their run down LA office—but in nearby Hollywood, things are booming. Much to their surprise, the intrepid investigators find themselves pulled into that world when they are hired by the attorney of screen star Laird Wyndham, who has been arrested for the murder of a starlet. Never mind that Dexter has already been hired by someone else to prove the actor’s guilt. Complicating matters even more for Kitty is that Wyndham is a dreamboat, and the investigation puts her smack in the middle of the fantasy creators of tinsel town.

With this second book in the series, Ms Richards continues the tradition of the LA noir novel, with the twist of telling the story through the PI’s faithful secretary, Kitty. No sophomore slump here, the story as is as fresh as the first, and the characters remain both sharply drawn and realistic. The author’s real talent, however, lies in her sense of time and space. Readers will find themselves immersed in the LA of the 1930s, not only in the mean streets familiar to fans of Raymond Chandler, but in the everyday world of the rest of the city, as well as the glittering universe of Hollywood. Those with an interest in those worlds will not be disappointed. Fans of the noir genre, and mysteries in general, should find this latest offering most satisfying.

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