Changing Patterns


Post WW2, Peter Schormann, a German ex-prisoner of war, has left his home country to be with Mary Howarth, a matron of a small hospital in Wales. Mary nursed Peter in the POW camp hospital and intends to marry him. Many obstacles stand in their way, and events take a tragic turn.

This is an excellent read which has been well researched, and the author obviously has a love for this period. It is well paced and grips its reader from the first few pages. The language is well suited to the novel and the time and reads easily. It has great pieces of dialogue and good descriptions. Its chapters are short, which help build the tension in the novel quickly and bring in the many threads. The characters are well drawn and the time and place brought to life.

Changing Patterns is a good read for historical fans and lovers of fiction in general, and it also contains crime and romance. It is perfect for those who would like to know more about the 1950s or those who remember them well. Changing Patterns is a sequel to Pattern of Shadows but reads well as a standalone book. It is a novel that I would recommend to a varied audience.

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