Boots and Saddles


In the spring of 1916, there is a revolution in Mexico. Pancho Villa, leading a band of bandits, attacks the American town of Columbus, New Mexico and kills several of its citizens. President Wilson is forced by his cabinet to order an expeditionary force into Mexico to either apprehend or kill Villa. Leading the American army is General “Black Jack” Pershing. His aide is Lieutenant George Patton, who, at thirty-two, wants to be involved in combat, not only to test his theories on cavalry movements but also to rise in rank. Patton and Pershing soon become friends. Through General Pershing’s tutelage, Patton learns that the days of the “horse soldier” are over.

The author provides excellent characterization of the major characters, both historical and fictional. The story telling is linear in nature, from the introduction of the characters to the final scene, where Pancho Villa is forced to move away from the boundary of the United States. The book ends as Pershing and Patton join the American army and head for Europe to fight Germany in World War I. Colt knows his history and tells an exciting tale of this oft-forgotten clash between Mexico and the United States. Highly recommended.

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